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The perfect gift for any occasion!

Do you want to make someone happy but you don't know what to give them? Are you many and want to make a group gift? The solution is really simple!

Buy a MAMAMILANO gift card online, choose the amount - from a minimum of € 25 to a maximum of € 200.

The MAMAMILANO gift card will arrive directly by e-mail in digital format.
It will be spendable online and it will be valid for 12 months from the date of receipt!


How does it work?

Once you have chosen the amount and purchased the gift card you will receive one confirmation email where you will find a link to activate your card!

Click on the link and you will be redirected to a page where to indicate the name and email of the person to whom the gift is intended, a field to write a personalized message and also the ability to add the date you want the gift card to be delivered!

The card will have a duration of one year from the activation date!

It is also possible to use the paper partially e to check, always through the email that will be sent, on remaining credit everytime!



Mamamilano is a family-run company where we lovingly produce genuine leather bags totally made in Italy.

Born from the passion and decades of experience of its founder, Pino, Mamamilano is a reference point for Milanese quality leather goods.

Recently, thanks to the contribution of the youngest members of the family, we have entered a period of evolution of the brand, design and materials for a product that is always fresh and original, without however neglecting the quality, the golden rule that constitutes the point of strength of our craftsmen.

The leathers used, as well as the accessories, are Italian and the entire processing is carried out in the province of Milan.

Our customers always ask us how it is possible to combine such high quality with affordable prices.
The answer is very simple: Mamamilano knows no intermediaries! The product passes directly from the laboratories to our Milanese outlets.

If you love quality made in Italy leather goods, Mamamilano is the place for you!