Iniezioni di fiducia!

Injections of confidence!

We want to fight against the rampant discouragement that is felt, especially here in Lombardy, because by the continuous and fluctuating restrictions imposed by the pandemic.

We feel the need for one injection of confidence and energy to share also with our customers.

At the new closing of the shops starting from Monday (and who knows until when!) We at Mamamilano respond with a super promo: 3 of our leather bags for only 20 euros!

We sincerely hope with this initiative to bring a little good humor to all of you customers who always support us with your orders and your affection!

Stay positive & stay Mama!

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  • Paola

    Devo ammettere che comprare borse mi dà allegria e poi a questi prezzi…. ne ho anche regalate molte estremamente gradite

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