Pelletteria sostenibile: gli zainetti Duccio!

Sustainable leather goods: Duccio backpacks!

Impossible today not to think about our future and consequently the future of our planet.

In our own small way, we at Mamamilano have also tried to do our part, thinking of a product that could combine this need with the desire of each of us to own something truly unique and unrepeatable!

Thus was born Duccio, the backpack made through the recovery of vintage leather jackets. Each piece is in fact unique, impossible to find two alike! A pocket there, a button there, a zipper on the back, ... who knows what the next Duccio backpack will be like! Everything will depend on which old jacket we decide to reuse and make the most of!

From today you can also find these backpacks on our online store! Don't miss them! ;)

Stay Green & stay Mama!


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