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The available colors are: black, ivory white, lime green, green, purple, pink, red, yellow, blue and orange

No. HOLLY is a filter mask. Surgical masks are primarily intended to prevent the wearer from contaminating the environment. Holly has been designed to achieve protection similar to or superior to surgical protection and works in both directions, protecting both the environment and the user.

Holly's structure is composed of a hypoallergenic, non-toxic, water and bacteria resistant product called E.V.A. while the filter is composed of 3 separate layers, to be joined, of a non-woven fabric (TNT), a soft, waterproof and breathable material.

Sure. All the materials used by Holly and its filters are subject to rigorous measurements, controls and are tested, for example, for toxicity, skin irritability, residues of harmful metals. For further information, the filtering material was independently tested by the University of Florence, with results made public in the Official Gazette of the Tuscany Region on March 25, 2020. In these tests three layers of material used in the configuration used in the filters were tested Holly.

You can contact us by sending a message on the contact page

In these rare cases, you can send a photo of the product that you believe is defective, through which we will evaluate the request. If a real factory defect occurs on one of the components of our product, therefore it does not derive from an improper use, we will send you a spare part for the damaged part at our expense. This request can only be made within 8 days of receipt of the goods, in writing on the contact page

The main part of the mask is the structure of E.V.A, therefore, to wash the mask you must first throw away the used filters.

The structure can then be washed with:

Hot water and soap
Common non-aggressive disinfectants
Health alcohol

Remember to rinse well with warm water after using the disinfectant.

At this point, the structure, being made of closed cell waterproof material, can be dried and stored in an uncontaminated environment.

No. The washing and sanitizing procedure must be performed every time the mask is removed. Obviously, the external part of the mask body can be contaminated and once removed from the face it is possible that the contamination is transmitted to the internal part.