Margherita - Tinta in capo

Margherita - Tinta in capo


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Margherita Tinta in Capo è un'ampia sacca in pelle con decorazioni a fiori realizzata utilizzando una particolare tecnica: la tintura in capo.

Questa tecnica consiste nel colorare la borsa una volta che è stata realizzata e ciò conferisce alla borsa un particolare stile vintage.

Questa borsa è leggera ed è un partner perfetto per le impegnate giornate nella metropoli!

Ecco le sue caratteristiche:

  • Borsa realizzata a mano in vera pelle al 100%
  • Tracolla in pelle regolabile
  • Sistema di chiusura: cerniera
  • Fodera in tessuto
  • Interno: 1 tasca interna con cerniera
  • Interno: 1 tramezzo con cerniera
  • Interno: 1 tasca aperta

Dimensioni approssimative:

  • Larghezza: 40 cm
  • Altezza: 30 cm
  • Ampiezza: 16 cm

Materiale: 100% vera pelle



Mamamilano is a family-run company where we lovingly produce genuine leather bags totally made in Italy.

Born from the passion and decades of experience of its founder, Pino, Mamamilano is a reference point for Milanese quality leather goods.

Recently, thanks to the contribution of the youngest members of the family, we have entered a period of evolution of the brand, design and materials for a product that is always fresh and original, without however neglecting the quality, the golden rule that constitutes the point of strength of our craftsmen.

The leathers used, as well as the accessories, are Italian and the entire processing is carried out in the province of Milan.

Our customers always ask us how it is possible to combine such high quality with affordable prices.
The answer is very simple: Mamamilano knows no intermediaries! The product passes directly from the laboratories to our Milanese outlets.

If you love quality made in Italy leather goods, Mamamilano is the place for you!

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